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Raytheon Technologies Corporation is an aerospace and defense company that provides advanced systems and services for commercial, military and government customers worldwide. With 195,000 employees and four industry-leading businesses ― Collins Aerospace Systems, Pratt & Whitney, Raytheon Intelligence & Space and Raytheon Missiles & Defense ― the company delivers solutions that push the boundaries in avionics, cybersecurity, directed energy, electric propulsion, hypersonics, and quantum physics. The company, formed in 2020 through the combination of Raytheon Company and the United Technologies Corporation aerospace businesses, is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts.

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Raytheon Intelligence & Space delivers the disruptive technologies our customers need to succeed in any domain, against any challenge. A developer of advanced sensors, training, and cyber and software solutions, Raytheon Intelligence & Space provides a decisive advantage to civil, military and commercial customers in more than 40 countries around the world. Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, the business generated $15 billion in pro forma annual revenue in 2019 and has 39,000 employees worldwide. Raytheon Intelligence & Space is one of four businesses that form Raytheon Technologies Corporation.   Collins Aerospace, a unit of Raytheon Technologies, is a leader in technologically advanced and intelligent solutions for the global aerospace and defense industry. Created in 2018 by bringing together UTC Aerospace Systems and Rockwell Collins, Collins Aerospace has the capabilities, comprehensive portfolio and expertise to solve customers’ toughest challenges and to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving global market.


Deployable ATC Automation and Communications System

Deployable, Reliable, Versatile, Interoperable Designed to be readily adaptable and easily transportable, the Deployable Air Traffic Control Automation and Comms System (DAACS) fills air traffic control needs with its transportable shelters. DAACS is interoperable with a variety of radars and sensors and is equipped with Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System (STARS) controller terminals...[more]



The Multi-platform Automation Re-hosting Solution, known as MARS, is a cutting-edge, versatile workstation. Few professions demand as much multitasking as air traffic control, where controllers monitor multiple data streams and work as many as eight pieces of technology simultaneously. Retired air traffic controllers worked with Raytheon Intelligence & Space to design a workstation that enhanc...[more]


NextGen Weather Processor - All Weather Display

Raytheon is helping to take the pain out of flying by building a weather processing technology and display infrastructure for use throughout the NAS. The NextGen Weather Processor (NWP) program delivers accurate, timely and improved weather information that benefits all U.S. travelers. NextGen Weather will replace existing weather processor systems and host new capabilities that better meet real t...[more]


Advanced Tech

This is tech with purpose. We engineer. We code. We research. We patent. We publish. But we do it not for flashy product reveals or to be the first to market. We do it because what we make matters.


Air Dominance

Air Dominance Air dominance means controlling the skies and dictating the terms and conditions of a fight. For that, pilots need a complete range of solutions – from threat detection to jamming and sensing.  ...[more]


Communications and Navigation

In the information age, secure communication and precise navigation are critical. From the edge of space to the ocean depths, our suite of adaptive and secure comms and navigation solutions deliver the insight needed for mission success.



When everything is connected, security is everything. We protect the most critical information systems and operations with breakthrough solutions.


Space Solutions

From missile warning and intelligence to weather, navigation and beyond, Raytheon Intelligence & Space's end-to-end space solutions deliver mission breakthroughs. 

A New Airspace Requires a New Approach

The airspace of the future looks drastically different from what we see today. In 10 years there will be as many as one billion drones flying overhead. In order to ensure the safety of the flying public the FAA must develop a flexible and efficient path for introducing new capabilities and entrants. RI&S is investing in new technologies that will help the FAA do just that.

Precision Landing Capabilities Anywhere

The Wide Area Augmentation System or WAAS monitors and evaluates all GPS signals over North America to enable pilots to fly using augmented GPS data for safety of life missions like precision landing and en-route navigation. Hear Dan Brophy a general aviation pilot discuss how WAAS helps take workload off of the pilot and enhance safety.

More Connected

Our GlobalConnect enables a single communications solution, whereby new Internet Protocol links, such as broadband satellite, Wi-Fi or cellular, work seamlessly and interchangeably alongside legacy ACARS,communication channels. The service includes a hosted and managed cloud environment.

Collins & Raytheon Intelligence & Space: Stronger Together

Together, Collins and Raytheon Intelligence and Space develop transformative technologies to make air travel safer and more connected. From the airport, to the aircraft, to the airspace, we deliver technology to redefine the end-to-end aviation ecosystem for safer, more efficient and connected flight.

We Are Raytheon Intelligence & Space

We Are Raytheon Intelligence & Space

NextGen Weather Processor - All Weather Display

The NextGen Weather Processor (NWP) provides more accurate and consistent weather models, offering common benefits to stakeholders for tactical operations and strategic planning. Raytheon's NWP solution delivers weather benefits to NAS stakeholders and align with the FAA's NextGen weather vision through innovative and proven technologies leverages FAA Automation Systems and Decision Support Tools and take full advantage of integration into the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) 4 Dimensional Weather Cube, providing common benefits to weather stakeholders. Accelerating NextGen weather benefits now will help stakeholders improve operational efficiency early and ultimately save money. The NextGen Weather Program is a critical part of NextGen as it helps reduce the impact of weather on aviation, resulting in safer, more efficient and predictable day-to-day National Airspace System (NAS) operations. NextGen Weather harnesses massive computing power, unprecedented advances in numerical weather forecasting, translation of weather information into airspace constraints, and modernized information management services. With this powerful combination, NextGen Weather can provide tailored aviation weather products within the NAS, helping controllers and operators develop reliable flight plans, make better decisions, and improve on-time performance.

M.A.R.S.: Multi-platform Automation Re-hosting Solution

The Multi-platform Automation Re-hosting Solution, known as MARS, is a cutting-edge, versatile workstation. Few professions demand as much multitasking as air traffic control, where controllers monitor multiple data streams and work as many as eight pieces of technology simultaneously. Retired air traffic controllers worked with Raytheon Intelligence & Space to design a workstation that enhances user productivity and efficiency. MARS consolidates up to eight applications onto commercial-off-the-shelf monitors and input devices, reducing physical clutter. A user no longer has to look at eight different monitors, and use eight different keyboards and trackballs to perform their duties. MARS leverages touch technologies to employ intuitive motions from smartphone and tablet applications to minimize retraining. MARS supports both touch enabled and non-touch enabled applications on the same monitor, ultimately, offering a customized solution for each individual end-user. FOR MORE INFO: https://www.raytheonintelligenceandspace.com/capabilities/products/mars

More Intelligent

Collins Aerospace is driving breakthroughs in intelligent systems design and automation. Through our advanced flight control, data link, and guidance technologies, we’re enhancing the integration and safety of manned and unmanned flight. It’s about keeping those who benefit from our technologies safer, more secure, and more informed by taking a more intelligent approach to redefining aerospace.


With its low-power radar, Raytheon Intelligence and Space's Skyler Radar is a solution that can fill all the coverage gaps and enable drones and air taxis to operate with the necessary tracking and maybe much more. Traditional radar used for traffic management rotates, providing a view of a large area that updates aircraft locations every four to five seconds. That works well for a plane high off the ground that moves in a predictable path, but it leaves a lot of holes in a drone or air taxi's urban use case. The ability to track aircraft in a city requires completely different radar than is typically in use, according to Skyler lead Mike Dubois. Skyler was borne of short-range weather radar and comprises distributed active electronically scanned arrays (AESA) piggybacking on cell tower infrastructure. In a city full of buildings, an aircraft will be making frequent turns, so updates have to be constant. As Skyler trades the range of traditional radar for AESA's short-range, directed accuracy, it can help operators, agencies and other interested parties keep the necessary tabs on air vehicles. A downside to the shorter range is that more radar installations are necessary. Raytheon's strategy for dealing with this is to use existing cell tower infrastructure. In addition to being an easy inroad, this also combats another challenge facing traditional traffic management in urban environments: the curvature of the Earth's impact on low-altitude flight.

MetTel Partnership

Raytheon Intelligence & Space and Collins Aerospace has formed a strategic alliance with digital transformation leader MetTel in support of the FAA Enterprise network Service opportunity. A critical step in airspace modernization, FENS will create the network infrastructure to support new technologies and new entrants to the National Aerospace System.

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  • Remote Tower
  • Skyler
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  • Skyler v2 at Sunset
  • DAACS Interior
  • DAACS Interior -Tyndall AFB
  • GBDAA SkyVision
  • GBDAA SkyVision Interior
  • MARS at SkyGrid's Hyperwerx Test Facility in Florence, TX
  • Skyler on display at SkyGrid's Hyperwerx Test Facility in Florence, TX
  • AirMod
  • ITAAMS Advanced Automation for Advanced Air Mobility
  • Skyler v2 at Sunset

Multi-platform Automation Re-hosting Solution (MARS)

Multi-platform Automation Re-hosting Solution (MARS) is a cutting-edge, versatile air traffic control (ATC) and air traffic management (ATM) workstation solution. MARS consolidates flight, surveillance, weather and other automation data from multiple ATC/ATM applications and leverages WEYTEC’s video over IP technology to display up to eight systems onto commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) monitors.

Remote Tower

Raytheon has partnered with Frequentis USA to develop a remote tower solution that combines Raytheon’s Standard Terminal Automation Replacement Solution (STARS) with Frequentis’s smartVISION™ remote tower software. The offering also employs a variety of surveillance capabilities, including Raytheon’s Skyler™ low-power radar for airports lacking in radar coverage to the ground.

Deployable ATC Automation and Communications System

Designed to be readily adaptable and easily transportable, the Deployable Air Traffic Control Automation and Communications System (DAACS) fills air traffic control needs with its transportable shelters. DAACS is equipped with STARS controller terminals, can send and receive flight data, and can be set up in less than eight hours.

RELIABLE AND SECURE PRIVATE NETWORKS ARE CRITICAL FOR TODAY’S DIGITAL AVIATION ECOSYSTEMS By: LeAnn Ridgeway, Vice President and General Manager for Information Management Solutions at Collins Aerospace

Collins Aerospace currently operates the biggest, private, ground-based network dedicated to supporting more than 3,000 stakeholders in the aviation community. We do so by enabling them to effectively communicate and share vital information with business partners, operators, and applications around the world.

Making More Possible - Collins Aerospace

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