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G&D North America as part of Guntermann & Drunck are regarded as leading manufacturers of digital and analogue KVM products for control rooms in air traffic control, industrial automation, industrial process control, broadcast, marine and other sectors such as telecommunications and finances. With their variety of KVM extenders, switches and matrix systems for extending, switching, and distributing keyboard, video, and mouse signals, G&D offer their users the broadest KVM portfolio available at the market. Of course, all devices are compatible and can be combined. G&D’s KVM products optimise the application of IT equipment and improve the working conditions for humans and computers. The spatial separation between computers and workstations in control rooms brings many advantages for the standardization of process landscapes. Whether CAT or fiber, modular, compact or over IP – G&D always offer a customized solution to implement solutions precisely tailored to applications, project parameters and the existing IT structure. As pioneers in the KVM industry, G&D provide many years of experience in KVM installations. By short lines of communication, and the entire core competencies such as development, product management, sales, marketing and production under one roof, G&D support their customers from the technical initial advice through to on-site and after-sales support from a single source.


1. KVM extenders

G&D's KVM extenders enable you to operate your computers over IP systems or dedicated distances up to 10,000 m whilst maintaining real-time performance. The systems consist of a transmitter and a receiver module. A local console at the transmitter module placed in the server room makes it easy for the IT staff to maintain the system. The question of whether to use compressed or uncompressed...[more]


2. KVM switches

KVM switches let you operate multiple computers from one console consisting of keyboard, mouse and monitor. Computers with multi-monitor graphics cards can be connected to multi-channel switches. DP1.2-MUX3-ATC - Instant switching of DP1.2 signals The KVM switch DP1.2-MUX3-ATC is designed specifically for the use in ATC applications. With this switch, ATCOs are able to operate up to three comput...[more]


3. KVM matrix systems

KVM matrix systems let you operate multiple computers from multiple workplaces. The basis system consists of three components: the computer module, the central module and the user module. The ControlCenter-Digital and the ControlCenter-Compact enable the flexible use of KVM technology, provide stability during continuous operation and ensure reliable and accessible IT systems at all times. Specia...[more]


4. KVM features

Benefit from G&D's sophisticated KVM features and expand your KVM system – for additional security, better collaboration and easier operation. Preventive monitoring, SNMP trap & agent Operational safety and reliability are essential for G&D devices. Together with SNMP trap & agent, the monitoring function of many G&D devices offers the following options and functions: ...[more]


ControlCenter-Xperience - Experience KVM like never before

Discover G&D’s ControlCenter-Xperience live on site and remotely on your screen. KVM manufacturers to open showroom including cutting-edge KVM equipment. With their ControlCenter-Xperience, Guntermann & Drunck (G&D), leading manufacturers of KVM systems for control room applications, announce a showroom to present their cutting-edge KVM equipment. The name refers to a per...[more]


How redundancy concepts ensure maximum system availability in Air Traffic Control

Applications in Air Traffic Control are highly sensitive and mission-critical. Therefore, all technical components included in such installations must run absolutely reliable. KVM systems play an important role when it comes to implementing security concepts and increasing cyber security. Applying KVM products helps you remove computers from the tower, air traffic control centres, control rooms an...[more]

Security in KVM-Over-IP Network Environments

We already talked about the differences between classical and IP transmission, our ControlCenter-IP and the network requirements. But what about the security in a KVM-over-IP network environment? Since dedicated cabling on the device is no longer required and the system works via the network, transmission security plays a very important role. In this video, we take a closer look at the various security features we have developed to increase protection in critical environments.

What is a KVM extender and how does it work?

What is a KVM extender? And how can you use it to make working in a control room easier? The application of G&D extender systems lead to a pleasant, quiet and temperate working environment. Our video will show you how.

What is a KVM switch and how does it work?

Make your workplace more efficient with KVM switches from G&D. The switches allow the operation of several computers with only one mouse, one keyboard and up to four screens. This peripheral saving solution increases user-friendliness and ergonomics at your workplace. In addition, they often form the basis for setting up redundant systems in different control room applications.

What is a KVM matrix switch? – How to easily work together as a team.

KVM matrix switches let you operate multiple computers over multiple consoles (consisting of display, keyboard & mouse). How does such a KVM matrix system help you to easily work together as a team without the need of many peripheral devices? We have the answers to these questions.

Welcome to ControlCenter-Xperience

We believe you have to sense our passion for developing high quality KVM solutions. Our mission: to create a 360 degree KVM experience for you – live at our control room or remotely on your screen. Discover our KVM solutions in a new dimension to understand what we've been passionate about for more than 35 years. Explore how KVM systems from G&D work together perfectly in various applications. Intelligent control options and practical switching concepts make it easy to operate even the most complex scenarios. Let's start this new journey together. https://xperience.gdsys.com

  • 80 port Matrix Switch, CON/User station module and CPU/Target modules
  • Remote Acces Module for use with VM's
  • 4K 60Hz totally uncompressed. 8K capable using multi-channel versions
  • IP KVM products
  • Just some of the G&D products

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