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AECOM is the world’s premier infrastructure consulting firm, delivering professional services throughout the project lifecycle – from planning/design to field installation/maintenance and program/construction management.

We are ranked #1 by ENR Magazine in Airports, Transportation, Program Management and Environmental services, and Fortune Magazine recently named AECOM the 2021 Most Admired Engineering and Construction firm.  

Our partnerships with the FAA and NASA go back more than 40 years. In that time we have helped support many of their most important infrastructure improvements, including the design of more than 20 air traffic control towers at airports such as Charlotte Douglas (CLT), San Francisco (SFO) and Chicago O’Hare (ORD).

Our teams are driven by a shared purpose to deliver our clients’ most complex challenges through our unrivaled technical expertise and innovation, a culture of safety and risk management, and a commitment to environmental, social and governance priorities. See how we deliver what others only imagine at and @AECOM. 

Built to Deliver A Better World

Whether it’s improving your commute, keeping the lights on, providing access to clean water or transforming skylines, infrastructure powers possibilities to help people and communities thrive. Across the globe, our clients in the public and private sectors count on us to take on the most complex challenges and pioneer innovative solutions that push the limits of what’s possible. At AECOM, we are built to deliver a better world.

  • At Chicago O'Hare (ORD) we have been the managing partner of a JV overseeing the transformation of the airfield since 2004. To date we have delivered four new runways, built two new ATCTs and successfully completed over 100 enabling projects without any significant impacts to the airport. To coordinate effectively with multiple FAA internal lines of business, regular cross-functional meetings were held and written agreements developed to document each business line’s responsibility to fund all services down to field inspection by FAA and Contractor personnel. The result is the successful completion of one of the largest airfield development programs ever conducted.
  • NASA Ames: For 28 years, we’ve been providing architecture, engineering, and facility support services as a prime contractor at the 220-acre NASA Ames Research Center. More than 40 onsite staff deliver a variety of projects, including master planning, design, infrastructure, energy, and environmental services.
  • AECOM developed a Runway Incursion Mitigation (RIM) Data Management solution for the FAA. The solution provides a common operating platform for the FAA to manage the runway incursion mitigation process while tracking mitigation success over time. It includes the ability to geospatially visualize related hotspots, problematic taxiway geometries, incursions and RIM regions associated with the RIM program.
  • RSA PROJECTS at LAX: AECOM’s work at LAX dates back more than 50 years, and includes helping deliver some of the airport’s most complex infrastructure challenges. A recent example is our design of three projects to bring LAX’s RSAs into FAA compliance. For Runway 25R, this included an 832-foot runway extension, new connector taxiways, localizer and MALSR relocations, new ILS equipment shelters, and improvements to airfield lighting, signage, and NAVAID systems. For Runway 24L, it meant an 800-foot extension, four new connector taxiways; relocated threshold; relocated glideslope, PAPI and localizer; relocated MALSR stations; runway and taxiway lighting and signage; and AOA security fence. For Runway 24R, we relocated service roads and re-graded the extended RSA.
  • FAA Facility Disinfection: AECOM currently holds a rapid-response contract to clean/disinfect any of the 1600 FAA facilities in the US whenever there is a concern about potential contamination from the COVID-19 virus. To date we’ve responded to more than 200 call-outs to FAA facilities across the US.
  • NASA Space Launch System: AECOM and our legacy companies have been side by side with NASA since 1962—from the Mercury and Gemini programs, to the Apollo missions, the Space Shuttle, ISS, and all the way to Mars—and now the Next Giant Leap with the Artemis program to further explore the moon and send astronauts to Mars. We have provided program and infrastructure services to NASA at all of their Centers agencywide. (Photo courtesy NASA.)
  • MWAA PMCM Service: Over 28 years of continuous service, AECOM provided comprehensive PM/CM services for MWAA’s multi-billion-dollar Capital Construction Program at DCA and IAD. The initial $2.1B program added a new 35-gate terminal, structured parking for 8,600 cars, and a complete access roadway system at DCA. The next facility expansion at IAD included adding 19 gates to Concourse B, a new ATCT, a fourth air carrier runway, reconstruction of two runways, and a five-gate addition to the Z Concourse. The night-time overlay of DCA’s main runway earned “Project of the Year” from the FAA Eastern Region.
  • DEN: As the lead firm of the joint-venture program management team, AECOM provided technical design and construction oversight for the $3.7 billion Denver International Airport. AECOM was responsible for overseeing more than 100 design firms and 115 construction contracts.
  • AUH: This major development program to expand the capacity of Abu Dhabi International Airport is transforming it into a world-class facility that can accommodate the expected growth in passenger numbers over the next decade.

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